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Personalized Approach

Our personalized approach to the online educational model means we are able to offer various course materials to choose from, for every level of learner. Our English training spans from basic English grammar to ESL, TOEFL, University-level and business English, to name a few options. Our curriculum selection is always growing, so you can be assured there will be ongoing, new material for you to advance your learning.

Interactive Interface

Through our interactive interface and cutting-edge technology, our educational instructors have the ability to assess, evaluate, and administer educational and service needs for each individual student, in order to make sure that you are consistently satisfied with the quality of your progress and experience.

User Friendly

Even if you're new to online learning, our system is user friendly and accessible. We offer lessons that are interactive and employ state-of-the-art technology and learning tools all at an affordable price. This, in combination with our ability to provide our students with a high level of education and flexible lesson schedules, makes us your best resource for online English learning.

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Our Mission

FilipinoTutor.com is dedicated to becoming the leading at home e-tutoring service to the Asian, Latin America and European market, utilizing the talents of excellent Filipino tutors to provide exceptional online tutorials at an affordable cost.

We pride ourselves on offering our students consistent, quality, and efficient service through incorporating the latest technology in combination with the highest integrity and quality of education.

Value Proposition

FilipinoTutor.com business model relies upon the acquisition of students and individuals interested in learning or improving their English. In order to achieve and sustain this successful acquisition and remain competitive in the market, FilipinoTutor.com must ensure customer retention. The success of which will be heavily dependent upon customer satisfaction.

FilipinoTutor.com has developed a strategic model based on the key elements that define value proposition, which include the benefits, costs and value that the company can deliver to the customers, both current and prospective. Namely, the value will be created through providing customers with access to high quality English tutoring (benefit) at a reasonable rate (cost).

In addition, a key feature of FilipinoTutor.com will be the user-friendly website interface through which students will engage in their tutoring sessions. This technology facilitates overall accessibility, and has advantages for the students with respect to time and flexibility in terms of location. Being that the lessons are virtually-based, the student can benefit by participating in the tutoring session from the comfort of their own home, or wherever they please.

The utilization of this technology reduces and practically eliminates the Filipino Tutor.com's overhead costs pertaining to retail space. This reduction in costs for the company results in a reduced cost for the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of courses for every level of learner, from beginner to advanced. We also let you customize and choose the topics and material to suit your interests and needs.

Our instructors have English or Communications degrees from the top Universities in the Philippines and are experienced educators who have a passion for helping others. We let you choose your tutor and you can continue studying with the same tutor for all your lessons or choose to work with a new tutor each time.
Skype is a free, online video calling system that we use for all of our one-on-one tutoring sessions. This offers an interactive approach for your learning experience and provides real-time, personal lessons at your convenience anytime, anywhere.

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is download Skype (free) and register. Once your registration membership is complete, you will receive two free trial lessons.

Yes! We know that your interests and level of learning will change over time, which is why we allow you to choose the lessons and topics that cater to your needs.

Yes, students may reserve or cancel a lesson at least 30 minutes before the actual lesson.

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All of our lessons are one-on-one via Skype, which is a free, video calling system that allows you to video chat anywhere, anytime.


Membership registration is free. Moreover, we offer 2 trial lessons upon registration.


Once you have registered, you can start learning English with our two free trial lessons.

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