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Our English for Business Series

  • Learner-friendly series offers the most essential language for practical situations.
  • Situational application of English for specific work, such as presentations, meetings, negotiations and telephoning.
  • Each series is customized for your level, whether you are a beginner or a proficient level in English.
  • Learner-focused and are created to enhance your ability to speak out, to comprehend faster and to manage all professional situations successfully.
  • English series tailored to professionals seeking to accelerate their skills in English rapidly for the workplace.

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Our Tutors

Want to sharpen your writing and speaking skills with one-on-one engagement? Our Tutors are here to help you reach your goals and attain the skills you've always wanted.

  • Highly educated and qualified Tutors are ready to help you with your Business English needs.
  • Our Tutors are experienced business professionals, college graduates and university professors.
  • From business grammar, pronunciation to business conversation and reading, our Tutors are capable and passionate about teaching the English Language.
  • Our Tutors are available 24/7 to accommodate your busy schedules.

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