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All classes are being conducted through Skype. Skype is a user-friendly free voice and video chatting software. Here are the steps to install it.

After completing the installation, the login screen is displayed. Follow the instruction below to complete registration.

  • a. Create an Account

  • b. Fill in the necessary fields.

  • c. Click the Continue button.

  • a. Enter your Skype Name and Password that you provided during the skype registration.

  • b. Skype setup is complete.
    Take note of your skype username as seen in the arrow below.

  • a. Click Enroll Now link from the site navigation.

  • b. Fill out all form fields. For the skype ID field, make sure to use the account that you just created from step 1.

  • c. Click the Register button to submit the registration form.

  • d. Check your email. Click the confirmation link sent to your email address and follow instructions.

  • e. Proceed to Step 3 on how to start your class.

  • a. Login to your account by clicking on the login link on the upper right side of the site.

  • b. We provide 2 free credits ( equivalent to 2 classes ) for new students. Use these credits to book classes. Click Book Classes button to book your first class.

  • c. Pick a tutor by clicking the 'Select' button from their profile boxes. The tutor's schedule presented in a calendar table will be displayed below.

  • d. Choose the desired date and time for your class from the date/time box.

  • e. Check your class schedule by Clicking the "Class schedule" button on the top menu or the "View Classes" button from the sidebar. Take note of your schedule and be ready for your first class.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of courses for every level of learner, from beginner to advanced. We also let you customize and choose the topics and material to suit your interests and needs.

Our instructors have English or Communications degrees from the top Universities in the Philippines and are experienced educators who have a passion for helping others. We let you choose your tutor and you can continue studying with the same tutor for all your lessons or choose to work with a new tutor each time.
Skype is a free, online video calling system that we use for all of our one-on-one tutoring sessions. This offers an interactive approach for your learning experience and provides real-time, personal lessons at your convenience anytime, anywhere.

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is download Skype (free) and register. Once your registration membership is complete, you will receive two free trial lessons.

Yes! We know that your interests and level of learning will change over time, which is why we allow you to choose the lessons and topics that cater to your needs.

Yes, students may reserve or cancel a lesson at least 30 minutes before the actual lesson.

3 Easy Steps to Join


All of our lessons are one-on-one via Skype, which is a free, video calling system that allows you to video chat anywhere, anytime.


Membership registration is free. Moreover, we offer 2 trial lessons upon registration.


Once you have registered, you can start learning English with our two free trial lessons.

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